lighting up the night…

First, just realized how misleading that title can be. It’s not like ‘lighting up’ it’s like in reference to the fact that Paris is the city of lights. And there’s no denying the fact that Paris really is the city of lights. As we were landing I was looking out the window and all of the sudden you could just see the Eiffel tower in the distance doing it’s little light show. It was a total fan girl moment as Cathy and I look at each other and smiled, needless to say we were happy to be in Paris.

Photo: Paris skyline on a gloomy day

We only had a day in Paris but I think we made the most of it, we started with breakfast at the hostel. And I only mention breakfast because it was definitely my favorite hostel breakfast of them all. It was mini baguette and croissant and it was delicious. So good, that it was worth writing about, lol.

Then we grabbed the metro, which is actually really really confusing. Maybe it has to do with the language but in comparison the tube is just so much more sensible. And, at one point the metro was so crowded that when the doors opened there was no room to get on and so I just stood there on the platform staring into the crowded car unsure what to do, we ended up having to move down the platform and wait for the next train, lol. Anyways we made it to Saint Michel just in time to start a free walking tour of the city. Key word there, free.

Photos: St. Michel, I think and the metro

The tour was filled with story after story and what I learned is that I really know nothing about Europe’s history. Looks like I have some reading to do. But, I actually did learn some valuable stuff like that Hitler was never able to go to the top of the Eiffel tower, so he never really conquered Paris.

               Photos: around Paris on the tour

After the tour we headed for food because we were starving. We found a good enough looking cafe and sat down where we proceeded to order a 7 euro bottle of water by accident. Oh well. Then we headed to see the Eiffel tower up close. And in my experience traveling so far I feel like big monuments look so different in person, this was definitely true for the Eiffel tower. Up close it was actually quite a lot different from what I expected.

       Photos: the tower and near the tower

But it was a good different, the color was more of a n olive green and the metal has a very soft look to it, where I had expected it to be more hard and industrial looking. After taking in the scenery and atmosphere we found a little crepe stand and I got to try my very first crepe. I got it with chocolate and it basically tasted like a chocolate chip pancake….no offense I think I am still partial to the pancake.

After that we killed time until it got dark so we could enjoy the light show at the tower. It was cool and sparkly. I really enjoyed walking down the streets of Paris and taking it all in. For me Paris was one of those places where the little things really stood out to me like people buying meat from the butcher or a open window where you could see a chandelier hanging or just a small garden terrace. Those are the things that I enjoy most.


Photos: the tower at night



P.S. I tried nutella in Paris and discovered that I can eat it just fine, even though I’m technically allergic.


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