hot chocolate, rain and crappy umbrellas

By the command of my sister to put up a new post, here goes.

So after our day in Paris we headed to Luxembourg. Since it is right in between Paris and Brussels, how could we not stop there for an afternoon. For the ride there we were assigned seats and happened to be in different coaches which was fine until the train stopped for a mysteriously long amount time. And naturally all of the announcements where in french so SOL meesh. But, actually SOL because I did almost get off at the wrong stop….for future reference Metz is not Luxembourg.

   Photos: Luxembourg skyline in the rain

At little behind schedule we finally made it, and we didn’t mind being late because it was raining and it was windy. Aka the weather was just beautiful if you could imagine…anyways we headed towards what we thought was the city center and looked for a place to eat. Unsure of what authentic Luxembourg food is we settled for a chain Mexican restaurant because after that train ride we were due for a margarita or 2.


Photos: Nature shots

From lunch we headed to get some hot chocolate because it seems all our adventures revolve around food. But, it wasn’t just any hot chocolate apparently this place is really known for it. After running into some pretty buildings we actually found the place we were looking for, I had some doubts about finding it, as I generally do….Nothing beats the one night we tried to go to the O2 and I was just about in tears because I thought we were legit lost and had no clue where we were going. We were actually like right in front of the place…but I still almost cried, ask Cathy she remembers lol.


Photos: closeups around the city

Got to love a good a good digression. Ok, so we got the hot chocolate for takeaway and they had a whole wall full of different flavors but I went for plain chocolate because a lot of the flavors had nuts in them. It was definitely good, but not the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Also, since we did get take away we were drinking it outside in the cold wind and rain. And of course since I was trying to take pics at the same time so needless to say I made a huge mess. I got the chocolate everywhere, especially on my scarf. Unfortunately the stain stayed until i threw the scarf out in Italy.


Photos: the guard, guarding an important build I assume & a city street

Also, 99% sure my umbrella also broke because it couldn’t handle the wind. And I’d like to say here that I always thought people would carried the big umbrellas that are borderline walking sticks were just ridiculous….well now I know why they do because they can actually hold up to the crazy wind and rain. Needless to say we called it quits pretty early and headed back to the station to wait for the train to Brussels…



P.S. Paris photos here …& Luxembourg photos here


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