breck – final thoughts

One the bus ride back to the airport I had a lot of time to reflect on trip and just how I experience travel in general….and here’s my main takeaway

I think of traveling and automatically think I have to go to the most exotic, far out place, where no one else has been before. But after some thought I realized travel at a fundamental level is just about going places. It doesn’t matter where that place is as long as you go. It’s the competitive Aries in me that makes me think otherwise.

So in 2019 I am vowing to slow down and really appreciate all the places I am able to travel. Bigs trips or small, new places or those well known. To know that all travel is a privilege I am so lucky to have.

At the time of my trip to Breckenridge, I was reading the book “Year of less” by Cait Flanders. A book I’d been wanting to read for some time.

Something she mentioned in the book really hit home with me in regards to travel.

“It’s far too easy to take your surrounds for granted, and I am blessed to live in one of the most beautiful parts of this continent.” -Cait Flanders

And right now those words really ring true.





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