day 4

Day 4, our last day skiing, was by far the best day in terms of weather. The sun was out, which meant clear skis and warmer temps.

We started the morning similar to day 3 by skiing a lot of peak 7. But, headed back towards peak 8 once the lines started getting to long.

As we were getting towards the end of the day, or at least the end of the skiing portion of the day, my dad and I started to consider going up to the top of peak 8.

I told my dad that if I was going to go up I would only go once. The top of peak 8 is all black diamonds/double blacks. Like mentioned I am not the best skier but if I am feeling pretty good I can handle a couple of blacks.

My dad decided he’d go up once by himself to see how it was and then we could decide if we both wanted to go back up there (Side note: my dad and my sister are very good skiers especially compared to me, so shout out to them for being awesome).

While my dad went to check out the top my uncle and I skied another run in the meantime. After meeting back up and going back and forth on whether or not I should try it out we finally just decided to do it. It was the last day and would be pretty much the last run of the day so it would be now or never.

We headed over to the lift that takes you up, this lift was a bit different (not your typical ski lift). It was a t-bar where you essentially have to lean back on the bar while it drags you up the mountain, yes your feet/skis are on the ground.

It was an uncomfortable ride up to say the least. And to add to it we got stopped twice for unknown reasons making it even more difficult to stay on the t-bar itself.

Eventually…we made it to the top! Now it was time to get down…and I was definitely nervous. I just started to focus on my breathing and let the muscle memory do the work. And before I knew it the run was over and I had done it.

In that whole experience I learned to trust myself. That I can do it, that my body knows what to do. How to protect me, how to get me down safely but to also have a little bit of fun in doing so.

For me, it was a reminder that it’s not about being the best skier but just getting out there. And I’ve realized I am more than happy with that.



the t-bar…

successfully survived the t-bar…

half way down




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