day 3

We started day 3 by deciding to get some runs on peak 7 in.

Peak 7 is by far my favorite in terms of run. It’s full of long rolling blues that are just fun to ski and that’s what I enjoy most.

The only not so great thing about peak 7 is the chairlift situation. There is only one lift to the top so it gets really crowded by mid to late morning. So it’s definitely best to ski first thing in the morning before the lift queue gets too backed up.

After spending most of the morning on peak 7 we did a few runs to get back down to the base and called it a pretty early day. But, not before we enjoyed a beer or two at apres ski.

Now based on our original itinerary this was supposed to be the day that we headed back home but because of our change in plans we didn’t have to say goodbye so soon.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and then headed to an early dinner.




I know I have been very slow to post but sometime life gets in the way… 😦


the view from apres…



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