day 1

We woke up Monday morning to find it snowing, looks like we’d be skiing in the fresh powder or “pow pow” as my brother in law put it.

With my new ski jacket (thanks Santa) and goggles I certainly felt the part and was eager to get out there.

Coming off the lift and heading to our first run was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Skiing in the fresh untouched powder…gliding across the surface feeling light as air. It was pretty damn magical and I think we’d all agree.

The skiing itself came back pretty naturally. I am certainly not the best but after a few runs I was feeling pretty comfortable.

After a fairly long first day on the slopes we grabbed some beer and hit the hot tub (my dad and uncle have a set routine that the rest of us are advised to abide too).

From there it was off to dinner. But dinner was soon interrupted as we got news that my dad and I’s original  flight back had been cancelled. This was due to the forecasted extreme negative temps that Chicago was set to and did experience on Wednesday.

The earliest available flight we could get was Friday evening. While this initially seems not great it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After rearranging our work schedules we were able to stay and ski an extra day. Lucky for us our uncle was staying till Friday anyways so we had a place to stay. While stressful for an hour or so we sorted everything and started gearing up for day 2.







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