It’s a pirates life for me…maybe

Our final full day in Tamarindo was spent on a sunset cruise. Don’t let the name of the cruise fool you it was actually more like an afternoon cruise considering it started at 1pm.

We were transported from the beach to our boat to start our afternoon. When we arrived at the boat I was a bit shocked, I thought we’d be cruising on a catamaran but it turned out to be a true sailboat.

When we got on board all of my bean bag chair dreams came true. My co-workers know that all I’ve ever wanted for the office is a bean bag chair. The entire boat was lined with bean bag chairs for lounging.

We settled in and were immediately served fresh fruit juice yum! Once abroad we set sail. They trip included live music on the boat, an open bar and 5 gourmet courses.


  1. fresh green salad
  2. salmon crustini
  3. tropical ceviche
  4. thai coconut curry
  5. churro cake

A few hours in we anchored by a beach, “playa huevo,” (egg beach – I think because it was shaped like an egg) only reachable by boat and had time to swim around and do some snorkeling.

I immediately jumped in and headed for the beach, once there I searched around for some good shells and even found a piece of coral. From there my plan was a swim over to the snorkeling area.

For those of you that don’t know me, my greatest fear in life is of fish. Especially being in the same body of water as them where they might touch or bite me. I kept trying to hype myself up to actually do it but upon the first sign of something that looked like a fish I freaked out, had a mini panic attack and high tailed it back to the boat. So snorkeling is still a work in process for me.

After our swim we headed back and it was finally time to enjoy the sunset. It was a such a pretty one too with not really a cloud in the sky. It was the perfect way to end our time in Tamarindo and my trip as a whole.



hello bean bags…

the owners of the boat adopted/found/rescued this cute little kitten who’s name is kitty…

our live entertainment…


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