madrid day two pt 1

The next morning we headed out to conquer the other side of town, which included visiting the palace, the palace gardens, the cathedral and the basilica. On our walk over in the morning we had no idea that our hotel was right by the palace so we made good time and enjoyed walking through the palace gardens. Seriously the flowers there were incredible.

We couldn’t actually go inside the palace, I’m not sure if you can on a normal day but there was some ceremony going on that day. Because of that you couldn’t even go into the palace square as it was all blocked off. We were still able to walk around and see the outside, which was just as spectacular.

After that we checked out the cathedral and basilica, which were both very nice. Before our afternoon tour we wanted to find the place we had heard of yesterday on the hop-on hop-off were you could get a 360 degree view of the whole city…my mom couldn’t remember where they told us it was and I happened to be napping during that part of the bus ride so we wandered around looking for some time…

Little did we know that it was the cathedral that gave you access to the views. But it was a separate entrance so that’s why we hadn’t seen it before when we were there earlier. Anyways, we made it to the top and the views didn’t disappoint. I will say thought that there were these giant statues up there and it was creepy being so close to them because they were triple our size (see photo below).

After that we picked up lunch at the San Miguel Mercado, again and sat in the square listening to some lovely music being played by a sweet old man. He was amazing and had a dog so we gave him a couple of euros because we enjoyed it…

p.s. stay tuned for part 2 of the day



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