easter in prague

Lucky for me I was able to Skype with my family on Easter Sunday to say hi to everyone. It was hard to miss as Easter is probably my favorite holiday food wise. But, I mentioned this because as I said hello to each one of my family members they all asked where I was. I think I said ‘I’m in Prague’ no less than 20 times, lol. Just had to share that.

We got into Prague in the earlier afternoon and managed to somewhat figure out the conversion rate for their currency. And after checking into the hostel we head to find some food. It was Easter Sunday after all and so after our meal we headed out to find some chocolate. I was determined to get a Chocolate Bunny…And I did, plus it was super cheap too. We spent the night watching the Sound of Music in preparation for our upcoming tour in Salzburg.

The next day we started off with a free walking tour, no surprise there really. And, the morning also started off with a snow storm, in spring. It was literally not far off from being a Blizzard. Props to us for sticking it out, a lot of people bailed out. But anyways I actually knew nothing about Prague and I was shocked that when our guide mentioned that the reason the Jewish Quarter stayed intact during WWII was becasue Hitler wanted to turn it into a museum that show why the Jewish needed to be extinguished. I was absolutely horrified, the thought of that is unfathomable.

After the tour we were in need of warmth so we headed to find some lunch. We all got goulash and beef with bread dumplings, some traditional Czech stuff. It was good.

Then we headed to find the John Lennon wall, that everyone takes picture by in Prague. It’s actually really hidden and slightly confusing to get to but we got to cross the river on the way which was really really beautiful. One of the best parts of the city…it was full of street performs and vendors, btw the street performs in Prague were some of the best we encountered throughout our trip.

By that point the sun had actually come out and it turned into a beautiful but windy day. We headed up to the castle and thought it was steep the buildings along the way were beautiful. Once on the castle grounds we walked around and enjoyed the view…it was like it’s own little separate town up there.

And that was about it.



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pics here


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