1 month, 1 bag

Today, I leave for ‘easter break,’ basically a month long spring break where I will be traveling to 11 different countries and 16 cities. Yes, all that in one month. I’m anxious and excited and praying that I did a good job packing….I’ve only got one bag really…

But, this means it will be difficult to contact me during this time. So, please don’t expect to hear from me for days on end. Yes, mom and dad I will be checking in with you as much as possible, because I’ve been told I have too…. So much for trying to turn my phone off for the whole time…

I will be checking in mostly through instagram and fb, but don’t be offended if you don’t hear from me or if I can’t stop everything I’m doing and have a conversation with you. Chances are, if I do receive a message from you I’ll be able to read it, but you might not get a response until a few days later. In my travels so far the wifi has proven to be not so good a lot of places.

If my phone finds wifi, it will receive messages that have been sent to me but, I repeat I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESPOND. Also, if you do feel the need to contact me, please please please avoid using iMessage. PLEASE USE fb messanger, whatsapp or viber. I have all 3. But, if you iMessage there’s no telling when I will receive the message. Yesterday morning I woke up with iMessages from 14days ago that had just come through. So please, just don’t iMessage me.

So with that being said. I can’t wait to start this journey through Europe. & wish me luck!




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