After spending an interesting night in the hostel and managing to get ready in the dark, we hopped on the train to Galway for the day. Interesting story on how that came to be. We actually couldn’t find any hostels in Dublin for 3 nights so we ended up booking a different place for each night. And said hey, let’s do Saturday night in Galway.

Sidenote: I can literally not pronounce Galway correct for the life of me, lol.

IMG_5266 IMG_5269Photos: Galway

Once we arrived in Galway, we had a brief moment of ‘how the hell do we get to our hostel?’ We got really turned around and confused. Nothing new there. We finally made it, and for 3 euro extra upgraded our room to a 4 bed private with an ensuite. But, we had no time to get comfortable because we had a tour to catch. After grabbing a quality fast food lunch and managing to find the bus, we were eager to a different side of the country.

The first stop was a castle. It was cool. We even got to walk around the whole thing.

IMG_5479 IMG_5482 IMG_5475 IMG_5471Photos: the castle and the surrounding bay

Then we headed through the countryside to the cliffs of Moher, the driver played traditional Irish music all the way there and it just felt so right. I enjoyed the scenery and the cows. After much anticipation we reached the cliffs and headed straight up the left side. Our driver, Dominic, advised us that the views to the left were better. Once we got up there, is was just incredible. It was a beautiful day too, not a cloud in the sky.

IMG_5448Photos: en route to the cliffs

Honestly, I could have sat there all day with my feet hanging very the edge listening to the waves crash against the rocks. I was also secretly hoping that I would become the princess bride, lol. After taking a million pictures and trying to avoid falling over the edge we were back on the bus, heading back to Galway along the coastline.

IMG_5332 IMG_5423 IMG_5429 IMG_5354Photos: at the cliffs

This might have been my favorite part, it was beyond beautiful. I had to put my camera down and stop taking pictures after a certain point because I knew it was one of those things where I needed to take it all in with no distractions. The best way I can describe it is it’s one of those places where you go during a mid life crisis or something to really contemplate life. Like just buy a farm with sheep and cows and live off the land, buy a bike and wander along the coast line.

If I ever just say ‘f it’ to life, that’s where I will go.

IMG_5320 IMG_5301 IMG_5286 IMG_5315 IMG_5310 IMG_5282 IMG_5292Photos: a few of the coast

Once back in town, we had a dinner fit for kings….Lasagna, chips, coleslaw and garlic bread. It was everything it needed to be. After that we were ready to enjoy our private room at the hostel. I opted to go first for the shower, because it had been a long day. So, I’m thinking I’ll take a quick but nice and warm shower. Well since I was first to go, the water was freezing cold. I pushed the button to start and I scream bloody murder because it was ice cold. When then since it was a push start I didn’t realize that you have to keep pushing it for the water to stay running. So it stops and then I push it again and it’s still cold and I’m still screaming.

What I thought would be a nice shower ended up being a mess.

Regardless, Galway was perfect. And, I would even say it was better than Dublin. Overall, the weekend in Ireland was better than I could have expected even though I wasn’t sure what I expected Ireland to be like beforehand.



P.S. I’m still having a lot a problems with my photos and uploading them, and it’s making me really really upset, because they are all so beautiful and I want to share them, but some of them won’t show up. So hopefully I will try to get an Ireland album up on flickr by tomorrow.


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